I fixed the TO3 by assigning only one pad as pin 3. Will multiple pins with one pin 
number work?

I have not had a problem with Netlist Load as I force it to browse for the Netlist 
File not using the
netlist it shows. The same bug is in AutoCAD 2000 for inserting a block ...the block 
does not get updated
unless you force it to browse for the file. I think its a Windows type of bug. Am I 
wrong about this?

I will try to remember to use the Update PCB. Must I make sure the Rooms crap is 
turned off??

Jeff Adolphs

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At 09:26 AM 5/23/2002 -0400, Jeff Adolphs wrote:
>Good Morning! I have a TO3 schematic part with pins 1, 2, 3. The TO3 
>footprint has pins 1, 2, and two pin 3's. I thought this would work but 
>the pin 3's do not have netnames in the layout. Do I have to use a 
>schematic and footprint pin 3A and pin 3B?

Let me guess. Mr Adolphs used Netlist Load instead of the synchronizer 
(Schematic/Design/Update PCB). There is a known bug in the Netlist Load 
routines which causes assignment oscillation: the existing assigment will 
change state between the correct net name and no-net with each successive 
load. The easiest fix is to use Update PCB, but if that is not available, 
as with a net list from another CAD Schematic program, making a fresh load 
after having cleared out nets will produce correct assignments. The command 
Design/Netlist Manager/Menu/Update Free primitives... will restore the free 
primitive assignments (i.e., track and via). Note that non-pad primitives 
that are part of footprints are also updated in addition to free primitives.

A symptom of the problem is that each netlist load produces new macros, 
even though the same netlist was just loaded already. The macros oscillate 
the assignments.

It is a good practice to reload the net list or resynchronize before 
beginning routing and after completing a design; if the only macros that 
are created are the oscillating kind, or no macros are created, the load 
can be cancelled. It would still be prudent to manually verify those pads.

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