Ian wrote,
> Just a brief comment before the discussion really hots up.

My comments:   Ian,    follow the context of the messages on this forum from
release of 99 to present.  The  earlier tone from these discussions was
nothing but  frustration.  Some of us were mad as hell at  simple things not
working like "INSTALL".  There is no reason for mature software to take a  3
year step backwards for simple tasks like copy,  select,  install, etc.    I
think the tone of the  feedback to follow in the next few months will
reflect the same tone that was discussed in  99 early years.  Contructive
input is years away

> Lets try to make the discussion constructive.  Altium do watch this list
> and I would guess they would be watching this as one of their prime
> of feedback.

I disagree,    This is expensive software.  I purchase $49.00  software and
complain to store managers if my  $49.00 package doesnt work, why shouldnt
ALTIUM receive  heat from us about not correcting bugs and not meeting our
expectations.   We are the paying customer.  SIMPLE AS THAT     If  I take
ALTIUMS attitude with my customers, I would be out of business.
> We can bag DXP - that is really easy.  Can we do the harder stuff of being
> constructive?

We can bag DXP?      I too participated in the BETA program, but unlike some
who  choose to invest 100 hours debugging a program that wasn't ready for
prime time, I looked at for the features I wanted and they weren't there.
I evaluated the program for my requirements in less than 5 minutes.
PROTEL programs  no longer meets my design requirements,   simple as that.
I would expect the current program is finally ready for Beta testing by all
the users who wish to pay for it.  I just spent the last several years
figuring out how 99SE works, what makes it crash,  how not to make it crash
and how to get around  long compilations that send my computer to PLUTO.
I wont spend the same time this time with a program that offers no clear
advantage to upgrading.

How is that for constructive?  I will sit back and read all of the DXP input

Mike Reagan

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