On 09:46 PM 30/07/2002 -0400, Robert M. Wolfe said:
>100% Correct.
>Bob Wolfe
>Mike wrote
>  I disagree,    This is expensive software.  I purchase $49.00  software and
>complain to store managers if my  $49.00 package doesnt work, why shouldnt
>ALTIUM receive  heat from us about not correcting bugs and not meeting our
>expectations.   We are the paying customer.  SIMPLE AS THAT     If  I take
>ALTIUMS attitude with my customers, I would be out of business.

So do I - I think the heat should be bloody hot but also constructive.  I 
have never held back on saying something is no good.  But I usually try to 
offer some way in which it could be better or some reason for why an 
alternative is better.

If you or Mike think I was suggesting going soft on Altium, by suggesting 
we be constructive in our criticism, I am sorry I created that impression.

Since the program is more expensive than most we use, that is all the more 
reason why constructive criticism is more valuable for all of us.  Most of 
us are not in the position of being able to change CAD/CAE packages easily 
so we have to be part of the process in making the package we have to work 
with work better.

You can either be part of the process or you can simply complain.  Which is 
it to be?

In either case Altium will know what you don't like, but only in one will 
your comments be useful in making the damn thing better.

Those with long memories will recall the process I went through on the 
release of P98 and P99.  They will also see the results of some of the 
active engagement by a number of us in the changes from P99 to P99SE.

BTW - maybe it is different in different places.  "To bag" something in 
Australia is anything but a compliment - it means to denigrate it.  I am 
saying it is easy for us to denigrate the software (always is after 
all).  But at the same time can we rise above this and say why it is bad 
and how it could be better.  I used the phrase "We can bag DXP - that is 
really easy."  Are some of you taking this to mean that I am saying DXP is 
good, or go soft on Altium?  Where does the impression that I am suggesting 
going soft on Altium come from?

Bye for now,

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