Do you actually sell hardware?

People don't develop hardware because Bill makes it easier on one
platform for them. The develop it because there is a potential customer
base ready to BUY!!

If the whole world suddenly jumped to MAC, you think companies would
keep writing device drivers so their product runs on windows? Heck no,
they'd drop Windows support like a hot potato!

I know because I actually had to make that "what OS do I support"

And besides all that, Bill is a pretty smart think it takes
much to get ahead of the gov't? You've never seen our Congress in
action. (LOL)

How could M$ not assist with DRM? If someone big doesn't do it, it
'ain't gonna happen' The record industry won't trust anyone else. M$
also has enough $$ to help fund the DRM development and initial
distribution to keep the industry heads leveled.

Environment-wise, I could easily move over to Linux or whatever...I'm a
one man shop, and there is no one telling me I have to run WinNT or
Win2K or anything else. I just happen to have an investment in time and
money with Windows based tools and there isn't anything pissing me off
enough to throw all that away...

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> Just to add another note to the discussion..
> M$oft just announced that, effective in Sept 2002, none of 
> the Device Driver Development kits for Win9X, WinNT OR Win2K 
> will be available for purchase or download.
> Now, they are supposed to be moving to a "unified" driver 
> development kit, but experienced developers suspect that 
> there will be many things that will get lost in the translation.
> What this ultimately means is that most companies will likely 
> stop developing drivers for Win2K, WinNT (and Win9X) for new 
> hardware, and only develop for WinXP.  Even though Win2K may 
> still be in heavy use.  So, if/when you want to upgrade to 
> some improved hardware you may find that you have no choice 
> but to move to WinXP just for the driver support.
> Remember that Billg plays "chess" and is always thinking way 
> ahead of the Government, and his target market, as far as how 
> he can extend his monopoly. 
> By making it more difficult for new hardware companies 
> entering the market place to develop drivers for "legacy" 
> M$oft OS's he can try to heard his target market to XP.  
> And, by assisting with the so called Digital Rights 
> Management developments he may also be driving a nail in the 
> Open Source coffin for Linux, since it is impossible for an 
> Open Source OS to truly be written so that DRM could not be 
> removed by an end user.  That coupled with his patents for 
> the "secured PC" may make it virtually impossible for any 
> competing OS to exist if the "secured PC" catches on.
> If you love XP and M$oft that's great, if not then be sure 
> that you have an effective equipment "spares" inventory, 
> including software, going forward.  As far as security 
> updates for M$oft OS's, you can skirt a number of the issues 
> by making sure that your EDA machine doesn't have direct 
> access to the Internet, as was described earlier by another user.
> I've been moving most everything else that I do over to 
> Linux, and I only have a couple of actual M$oft based apps 
> that I still don't have a good alternative to, but that will 
> change over the next year or so.  But it is more difficult in 
> some environments to move to Linux.
> Burt
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