Matt, Jason and Dennis,

I saw a website  called  PROTTA. They are offering a newly developed  Protel DXP 1-day 
"Upgrade Course" with information as to what the differences are and the advantages to 
upgrading from 99SE to DXP.

I would like to know why hasn't anyone ever done this before?   Why hasn't Protel done 
this?   In stead they take forever to come out with a course that is basic and last 
three days. Most people can not afford to take three days off of work and the expense 
of a three day course. 

I think it is a great idea to offer an "UPGRADE Course" for those users who are 
experienced with 99SE and want to know the inside secrets.  Has anyone else seen this 
offering?   If Rick Wilson is teaching this course, I'm sure it will be worth the 
money?  He was one of the best, most knowledgeable teachers they had.   I do not think 
their current teachers know 99 or DXP as well, I believe most of their current 
teachers are focused on  P-CAD not Protel.   
Check it out,   I believe the website is 

Samuel C. Cox Jr.
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i don't think i will be using DXP for quite sometime myself
it looks like the learning curve is too steep for the rewards to be had

i am mystified why they felt compelled to make such sweeping changes to
a reasonably stable and useful product

the unified library i think (not sure here) is really a bit of a kludge
since it seems to be made of two source libraries which are as before
in other words you have to edit the source sch and pcb libs and rebuild
the unified library

the dissolve-o-matic thing seems to have driven the graphics performance
degradation and now also disallows white backgrounds
it is not clear to me yet how genuinely useful and important this will

i guess i will toy with my copy from time to time but i can't see
trusting actual work to it at this time

i've got a BGA job coming up i may try to send thru the new autorouter
and back to 99SE, i will report on that if i do it that way

Dennis Saputelli

Jason Morgan wrote:
> For me, the jury is out.
> I've been playing with the demo version. If that is the same as the
> production version then I have some
> serious concerns over the usability of the schematic hierarchy, especially
> with large imported 99SE designs.
> I really don't like the need to explicitly 'compile' a schematic before you
> can browse the hierarchy, to me
> that's a backward step.  What was wrong with the way it was before?
> And I've found the zoom/screen redraw of the PCB on a complex pub to be
> about 1/2 of the speed of 99SE on
> on the same machine with the same design and detail level.  Again affecting
> usability.
> Conversely there are some nice features that should have been in 99se, like
> mech layer pairs and busses
> as real nets rather than as symbols for a connection, .DDBs are dead,
> Unified libraries... I expect the list will go on... I must try out the new
> autorouter some time.
> Oh, the 3D viewer, a useless toy in 99se is not improved.  I still can't see
> a way of editing the height of
> non-library components.  There appears to be no way of importing models
> either.
> I don't know if Altium will release an API, third party 3D tools will still
> be required, but will they be ported?
> All in all, I can see no obvious reason to upgrade the schematic.  For us,
> the mech layer pairs in PCB
> are useful as it makes producing assembly drawings easier.  We may use just
> the PCB for that only.
> Jason.
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> Subject: [PEDA] to DXP or not to DXP
> Got my copy of DXP in the mail today.  I know there has been lost of
> conversation on the new version on here in the past few weeks....
> Is it worth the load or stick with 99SE?  Any major problems/limitations
> with
> DXP in this version?
> I'm running Win2k SP2 on a P4 2.0A Northwood, 1GB RDRAM, 15K RPM Ultra160
> thanks,
> matt
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