Hi Mike,

You have a very good point. We were reseller for Protel in Sweden until
December 2001. We argued a lot about this because we wanted to be able to
sell them separately as that was the need of our customers. Often a
customer wanted to get for example 5 schematics and 1 pcb. Eventually they
changed and it was possible to sell and upgrade individual packages.

Don't know about DXP. I only hope it will be possible to buy them
individually. We have 5 full licenses of 99SE, and we are not in a rush to
upgrade to DXP.

/Mattias Ericson

Mattias Ericson
Omnisys Instruments AB
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I don't think you will get any response from Altium.  They have moved in
their own direction apart from customer requirements.   I just wanted to
to your list.
Several years ago all I wanted was the PCB tools upgrade.  No Schematic, no
PLD, no Simulation, nothing else but PCB.   The sales person at Protel
convinced me to buy the full package,  basically because there were no
options.   Since the autorouter is useless,  I  use 1/5 of the Protel tool
set but paid for all of it.  I am in the same boat again for upgrading.  I
don't want Protels schematic tools,  I don't want their autorouter, their
PLD tools etc.  So why should I have to pay for them?   Most likely, I will
have to pay for  the full suite again.  That really sucks because Protel
should  cost me only 1/5 of what I have been paying since that is all I
or use

Mike Reagan

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> Aren't we about due for Service Pack 7 for Protel 99 SE?
> DXP, even by the most expert opinions, is  not ready for "Prime Time"
> and it appears that most people are saying that it will be about a year
> before it is really ready. (See the Altium DXP forum for more on that
> issue.)
> There is the additional question of whether or not one wants to pay for
> new system when the one that he already has paid for still has some
> unresolved problems and issues.
> While I know that there are those that will say that there has been a
> ride" with all of the "free" Service Packs that have been issued for
> 99 SE, I would respectfully remind anybody who might think that, that
> are numerous people out there who have bought P99SE at SP5 or SP6, and
> of which have even been bitten by the price increase last July, and yet
> still not receive a free upgrade if they purchased before October 1st of
> last year, and still have not seen any response from Altium to some of
> remaining problems and issues with P99SE which have been reported to
> Please note that some of these people have not even had P99SE for a full
> year yet, and irrespective of how long they may have actually had it,
> have still seen no resolution to problems reported within a week or two
> purchase.
> I would respectfully submit that many people out there have purchased a
> product, Protel 99 SE,  for a very large sum of money, which they intend
> use, and intend to keep, and intend to have it properly perform the
> for which they bought it, and for which it was designed, and have the
> to have the remaining problems with that product fixed with another
> Pack.
> There is an existing Bug list.
> There are numerous other problems that have been addressed in this forum
> which are reasonable canidates for inclusion in a Service Pack 7.
> I would respectfully submit that this issue should be discussed here in
> forum, in a reasonable fashion, to determine if there is enough basis for
> requesting another Service Pack for Protel 99 SE from Altium.
> I would further submit that minimally that Service Pack should be free to
> anyone who purchased Protel 99 SE while it was already at SP6, and
> even SP5.
> Further, I believe that whether or not older users of P99SE should have
> pay any fee for the Service Pack, would be a topic for discussion, and
> among other things, be partially based on just what was fixed versus how
> long it has been a known issue or problem.
> I am not exactly sure what the date of the release of SP6 is, but I know
> that it was in effect when my employer bought another seat for me early
> July of 2001, about a week after the price increase.
> I respectfully submit that it is reasonable to assume that at least from
> time of the release of Service Pack 6, and possibly even Service Pack 5,
> that Altium has been working towards, and concentrating all of their
> efforts, not on solving the remaining problems with Protel 99 SE, but
> on the release,  and sale, via ATS and upgrades, as well as new sales, of
> their new Product, DXP.
> Where does that leave recent purchasers of Protel 99 SE?
> I submit that Altium has not finished fixing the Protel 99 SE product,
> that there are those customers who have purchased Protel 99 SE prior to
> October 1st 2001, who are entitled to have the product that they paid for
> upgraded to Service Pack 7.
> I would respectfully submit that Protel / Altium may have resolved the
> "update" issue for those who purchased P99SE after October 1st 2001, by
> offering an "upgrade" (by means of ATS) in lieu of an "update", and that
> therefore, these customers will in fact get some form of an "update".
> If Altium wants to take the stance that those customers who purchased
> 99 SE, no matter how recently, now only own a license for a product that
> will no longer be supported, then I might respectfully submit that an
> alternative to issuing a Service Pack 7 "update" for Protel 99 SE, might
> to give a free "upgrade" to DXP, without ATS, to all of those customers
> purchased Protel 99 SE at SP6, and possibly even SP5. Of course I would
> maintain that that free "upgrade" should not be issued (since there will
> no ATS) until such a time as the DXP Product has achieved a stable
> I submit that it is time to make a list and submit it to Altium.
> Respectfully Submitted,
> JaMi Smith
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