i think we are due for SP7 for 99SE

JaMi, have you sent this to protel?
i would appreciate if you posted their response back here

i don't have the time or patience to play with DXP

i looked at it a little and you need to be a part time programmer to
operate it now

i bought a second seat for $5K recently i think that deserves some on
going support

hell, even if they had to charge a *small* fee for it that would be
better than nothing

Dennis Saputelli

JaMi Smith wrote:
> Aren't we about due for Service Pack 7 for Protel 99 SE?
> DXP, even by the most expert opinions, is  not ready for "Prime Time" yet,
> and it appears that most people are saying that it will be about a year
> before it is really ready. (See the Altium DXP forum for more on that
> issue.)
> There is the additional question of whether or not one wants to pay for an
> new system when the one that he already has paid for still has some
> unresolved problems and issues.
> While I know that there are those that will say that there has been a "free
> ride" with all of the "free" Service Packs that have been issued for Protel
> 99 SE, I would respectfully remind anybody who might think that, that there
> are numerous people out there who have bought P99SE at SP5 or SP6, and some
> of which have even been bitten by the price increase last July, and yet will
> still not receive a free upgrade if they purchased before October 1st of
> last year, and still have not seen any response from Altium to some of the
> remaining problems and issues with P99SE which have been reported to Altium.
> Please note that some of these people have not even had P99SE for a full
> year yet, and irrespective of how long they may have actually had it, they
> have still seen no resolution to problems reported within a week or two of
> purchase.
> I would respectfully submit that many people out there have purchased a
> product, Protel 99 SE,  for a very large sum of money, which they intend to
> use, and intend to keep, and intend to have it properly perform the function
> for which they bought it, and for which it was designed, and have the right
> to have the remaining problems with that product fixed with another Service
> Pack.
> There is an existing Bug list.
> There are numerous other problems that have been addressed in this forum
> which are reasonable canidates for inclusion in a Service Pack 7.
> I would respectfully submit that this issue should be discussed here in this
> forum, in a reasonable fashion, to determine if there is enough basis for
> requesting another Service Pack for Protel 99 SE from Altium.
> I would further submit that minimally that Service Pack should be free to
> anyone who purchased Protel 99 SE while it was already at SP6, and possibly
> even SP5.
> Further, I believe that whether or not older users of P99SE should have to
> pay any fee for the Service Pack, would be a topic for discussion, and would
> among other things, be partially based on just what was fixed versus how
> long it has been a known issue or problem.
> I am not exactly sure what the date of the release of SP6 is, but I know
> that it was in effect when my employer bought another seat for me early last
> July of 2001, about a week after the price increase.
> I respectfully submit that it is reasonable to assume that at least from the
> time of the release of Service Pack 6, and possibly even Service Pack 5,
> that Altium has been working towards, and concentrating all of their
> efforts, not on solving the remaining problems with Protel 99 SE, but rather
> on the release,  and sale, via ATS and upgrades, as well as new sales, of
> their new Product, DXP.
> Where does that leave recent purchasers of Protel 99 SE?
> I submit that Altium has not finished fixing the Protel 99 SE product, and
> that there are those customers who have purchased Protel 99 SE prior to
> October 1st 2001, who are entitled to have the product that they paid for
> upgraded to Service Pack 7.
> I would respectfully submit that Protel / Altium may have resolved the
> "update" issue for those who purchased P99SE after October 1st 2001, by
> offering an "upgrade" (by means of ATS) in lieu of an "update", and that
> therefore, these customers will in fact get some form of an "update".
> If Altium wants to take the stance that those customers who purchased Protel
> 99 SE, no matter how recently, now only own a license for a product that
> will no longer be supported, then I might respectfully submit that an
> alternative to issuing a Service Pack 7 "update" for Protel 99 SE, might be
> to give a free "upgrade" to DXP, without ATS, to all of those customers who
> purchased Protel 99 SE at SP6, and possibly even SP5. Of course I would
> maintain that that free "upgrade" should not be issued (since there will be
> no ATS) until such a time as the DXP Product has achieved a stable platform.
> I submit that it is time to make a list and submit it to Altium.
> Respectfully Submitted,
> JaMi Smith

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