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> Dump the w95 print server and use a networkable printer or a printserver
> box like made by netgear or use the linux box to serve the printers.
> Cadzilla can run protel.
> the hackpc remains the hackpc. ( everyone needs a pc with wires soldered
> on the motherboard , believe me , i do this all the time in the lab. NO
> joke ! )

W95 print server runs fine, no reason to dump it.  The PC is an old 200 MHz
Pentium that used to be my main machine.  The problem with running printers
on the linux box or printerserver gizmos is that the special features of the
printer drivers aren't available.  Such as checking ink levels, cleaning
print heads, checking toner levels, etc.  You only get that when running
Windows on the printserver.

> Use the linuxbox to surf the web.

Linux box is the LAN server, internet gateway, and shared drive.  We don't
mess with it.  It just keeps going, and going, and going (boom boom boom
energizer bunny image).

> Use a KVM switch ( there are KVM's thatr can be controlled from the
> keyboard these days by hitting scroll lock twice followed by the number
> of the port you want to connect ) and get yourself a nice 18 inch LCD an
> a pendulum arm so you can move it out of the way when not needed. Get a
> wireless mouse and keyboard ( no more cables )

Got a KVM switch already.  Wireless mouse and keyboard - that's a thought.

> Get slim tower cases and bolt them on a bearing mounted tray underneath
> the desk. They are out of the way and you can wheel them out when you
> need access to them.

I like expandability, so slim tower cases don't suit me.  I've run out of
slots and drive bays too many times to want slim cases.

> For the testequipment:. HP makes a real neat USB connected logic
> analyser. Or get one of their Infiniium MegaZoom machines. Tenma makes a
> very compact 3 channel power supply , function generator , multimeter
> and frequency counter in one box. You can stash all test equipment on a
> 19 inch wide space on top of each other with the lcd 'floating' in front
> of it. Need access to machines : push the lcd up, play with the
> connections and then move the lcd back down.

If I didn't already have nice expensive equipment I would consider these new
things.  No way am I going to replace my HP LA and LeCroy scope until they
die or I need something better.  Did I say HP?  I meant Agilent (rhymes with

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