On 09:08 PM 3/09/2002 -0400, Robert M. Wolfe said:
>On Win2KPro.
>Same here and random, it does hang,
>and lately sometimes it even blows you out of
>Protel while compacting and does not complete
>the compact so I have to do it manually.
>But so far no show stopper just very annoying.
>Bob Wolfe

Win2k SP2 here and I have not had Protel hang on shutdown for a very long 
time. (Actually haven't had Protel crash for ages either).

PIII-450 (yes, a dinosaur) (you should see DXP run on this!)
256M RAM
100BaseT network
Matrox G550
Canon Inkjet printer locally
A number of network (shared) printers on other computers or set to dump to 
CDRW (with the dreaded Roxio software, Easy CD Creator 4)
Office 2000 (with FP and Access installed)
Adobe Acrobat 4.05 (Distiller and Maker both installed)

McAfee Virus Scan on but I thought I had turned off file scanning (on 
open/create/modify etc) but I just checked and inbound files are auto 
scanned - this
means any file modified or copied by this or other computer id scanned on 
the fly.  In the past I have found McAfee causes Protel to hang if the file 
scanning options are enabled.  (Don't you hate the cutesy HTML style look 
of the new McAfee and Norton virus scanners!)

Machine is on 24/7 with occasional shutdowns when I am going away or am 
installing new hardware (maybe once every month or so).

Protel is shutdown and restarted about once a day when I am Protelling.  I 
do *not* bother closing DDBs before closing usually - since I do not have a 
problem with closing down.

Dunno what MDAC drivers I have, but they have been updated somewhere along 
the line.  MySQL is installed as is buckets of dev tools (MS and Borland) 
etc etc etc.  If someone lets me know how to find the MDAC drivers I can 
post them.

In Protel I use -Sch, SchLib, PCB, PCBLib, SIM, Text Edit, CamManager.  I 
use Access-format DDBs. P99SE SP6. Compact on close is enabled.

That is about it.  There is probably a method of dumping a machine 
configuration and then those unfortunate souls having problems may be able 
to try to determine the differences.  Actually, Altium should try to get as 
many of these dumps and ratings of stability and try to determine why their 
program shows the huge variation in stability that us users see.

I do run the Windows update service every so often (every couple of weeks) 
and get the next few Mbytes of security patches.

Ian Wilson

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