At 09:02 AM 9/5/2002 -0400, Steve Smith wrote:
>Is it possible in 99SE to have a round pad with a
>10 mil gap through the center to create a jumper
>that you solder when a connection is required?
>I know that the "Lomax Virtual Short" is similar
>but we want a single pad (or two halves of a pad)
>instead of two separate pads.

Others have given some interesting answers, but I look at the question and 
wonder why Mr. Smith wants a "single" pad? What is a single pad?

In Protel, a single pad is a single primitive with a single net assignment. 
The structure he wants, it would appear, has two net assignments. Therefore 
it must be two pads.

Since Protel 99SE is limited in pad shapes, half-disk pads are not 
available. They could be drawn with track; a real pad would be buried 
somewhere in the drawn pad, to carry the net assignment. To underscore what 
was mentioned by others, when a pad shape is created from other primitives, 
solder mask shapes (and shapes on other calculated layers) must also be 
manually created, typically as part of the footprint.

The "Virtual Short" creates what appears to be a single pad but which is 
actually two pads with couple of microinches separation; properly done, 
this gap does not fabricate. However, this is not suitable for what Mr. 
Smith wants. He wants to create a connection, i.e., the default is an open 

In this case I would place two square pads the design rule minimum gap 
apart, and open the solder mask as part of the footprint. Typically this 
would easily be manually shorted with a soldering iron and solder.

To make a short that can easily be opened, I'd be tempted to use a 
drill-out. This is a "jumper" with a pad on one side and a pad on the 
other. A via is placed in the pad structure, shorting them. To open the 
connection, hit the via with a drill that removes the hole wall. To restore 
it, stick a piece of wire in it and solder on both sides....

Or use Berg pins, if a few cents of cost does not matter.

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