The following post is the second of two that I am reposting to the PEDA
Forum because I believe that it contains very important information which I
believe is important to notify all Protel 99 and DXP customers and users of,
since it may personally financially affect many of those customers and

The original post was made in the Protel-Users-Resale Forum on Yahoo!
Groups, which has only 46 members, yet it provoked this official response
from Altium that affects the entire Protel User Community as a whole, and I
therefore believe it is necessary to repost here in the PEDA Forum.

Respectfully submitted,

JaMi Smith

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From: "Phil Loughhead" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 5:13 PM
Subject: RE: [protel-users-resale] Protel 99se for sale?

Notice regarding the transfer of a Protel DXP license.

The following is an extract from the End User License Agreement, that
you as the purchaser agree to on purchase of a Protel DXP license.

"User may permanently transfer the entire Software Product to any third
party only upon obtaining written consent

from Altium, providing that the original User destroys all remaining
copies of the Software Product, and any

portions thereof, and that the third party accepts the terms of this
EULA in its entirety."

Note that the DXP EULA requires that you obtain written permission from
Altium to transfer the license. Under the terms of the EULA, transfer of
a license without written consent would be deemed as a violation of the
agreement, resulting in termination of the license.

Altium is not opposed to the transfer of licenses for legitimate
business reasons, such as an organisation that is restructuring its
operations and no longer needs a license. However, Altium does not
perceive its products as a generally tradeable commodity, and as such
does not encourage the general trade of product licenses. Altium
requires that you obtain written permission to ensure that a transfer is
carried out in the correct manner; that all versions covered by the
license are transferred, that the seller is the legal owner of the
license, and that the purchaser is recorded as the new legitimate owner.

Best regards,

Phil Loughhead

Protel Product Manager

Altium Limited

-----Original Message-----
From: Abd ulRahman Lomax [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Tuesday, 12 November 2002 7:00 AM
Subject: Re: [protel-users-resale] Protel 99se for sale?

At 02:00 AM 11/11/2002, Kasper Mørup wrote:
>anyone who has protel 99se for sale??
>please give me a hint with price:-)

I have one license for sale, asking $4500 U.S. This license is
pre-DXP-upgrade-eligible, so when one wants to upgrade to DXP, the
upgrade price is $1995.

I am working on one DXP license; as one might expect, if I obtain it,
be asking about $6500. This is $1500 less than the current price from
Altium, and a resold license is *exactly* the same as a new one. (Of
course, one must always make sure that the license is legal and that it
transferable, some aren't.)

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