Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear that that is not it.

I seem to remember that I had a problem with the file being corrupted so
that there were parts outside the work area (negative locations??) or on
an illegal layer, 0 I think, that I had to remedy before getting it to
work.  It could be worth saving the file as ASCII and having a look to
see if there are any obvious things that are wrong.

It might be worth moving the reference and seeing if that makes a
difference, I have a vague recollection of a problem with that too.

If all else fails - the AXE!


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Hi Phil, still kicking I see.
Thanks for the reply! Hugh Stevenson and Dennis Saputelli too, thanks.

I wish it was the keep-out layer problem. I've had that problem in the
past so that was the first thing that occurred to me, but no such luck.
I've tried everything I can think of. I may need to start the pcb layout

Dave Sanders

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Hello Dave,
I usually don't use the autorouter, but have seen this occur when the
keepout layer is not correctly defined. More of a keep-in approach with
an outline on the 'keepout' layer defining the area in which the
autorouter can work. I think that arcs and gaps can be a problem.



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Subject: [PEDA] Unable to Initialize

Has anyone out there ever experienced the wonderfully informative
message "Unable to Initialize" when trying to autoroute. I really need
some hints on what can cause this error. The Protel knowledge base comes
up with nothing. I am running 99SE SP6 on a Win NT4 machine, designing a
6 layer board (4 sig. 2 pwr.), not particularly dense.
Dave Sanders

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