In safe mode, remove your video card & sound card drivers.

Then, there will be a chance of your system booting normally.

If not, try resetting your bios settings to a safe state.

I'm glad that my system has Win2K installed twice, booting the second basic Win2K & 
backing up & copying the system & software files
from the main booting Win2K makes (not possible any other way) 
backups/restores/unrestores a breeze.  It's too bloody bad that this
capability is blocked in WinXP.

Brian Guralnick

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2003 6:23 AM
Subject: [PEDA] Roxio, Nero, Virii and crashes

> HELP!!! In attempting to uninstall DirectCD, I've gotten my system into a
> state where it won't boot! Sorry if I'm off-topic, but I'm desperate and
> these lists are the best resource I've found for help. Others may save
> themselves much grief by learning from my experience. I'm cross-posting to
> the DXP list as well.
> My recent queries on the web encouraged me to buy Ahead Nero to replace
> Roxio's DirectCD. Thus far, that advice still seems to have been good - Nero
> is far superior to DirectCD, and far more stable.
> I had them both installed and peacefully coexisting. On advice that I should
> not have two CD burner packages installed, and the realization that I'd never
> use DirectCD again, I uninstalled DirectCD. I've since learned that Roxio's
> DirectCD is in and of itself the worst virus infection I've ever seen. It
> won't uninstall cleanly, their "tech support" is no help, and now my system
> won't boot. When I boot into Windows 2000 Pro, it appears to boot normally.
> In searching the web I've found that many others have come to similar grief,
> but no solutions to my specific problem. First sign of trouble is that while
> my auto-start apps are still getting settled in, a box appears saying
> "Preparing to install...." with no appname. Its cancel button does nothing.
> About ten seconds later, the box goes away - and then comes back. Total of
> about 6 times or so, and then the system does a normal shutdown and reboots
> Again, and again, and again.
> I've killed almost a full day on this so far, with no end in sight.
> Spelunking in the registry finds many hundreds of entries sprinkled all over
> the place, referring to Roxio, DirectCD, etc. I spent a couple hours deleting
> absolutely every registry entry which looked remotely related. This was only
> a "crippleware" version of DirectCD that could just barely write a data CD;
> any other operation took me automatically to Roxio's website to buy the full
> version. Thus I'm not only pretty ticked at Roxio, but also at Dell. Dell
> preinstalled this on the machine, and the sales pitch implied I was getting
> the full version. Thus I consider this to be bait-and-switch, plain and
> simple. So Dell is now on my blacklist too (it wouldn't have taken much after
> their fiasco with proprietary power supplies, but that's another whole story).
> I've tried unplugging the CD drive and rebooting, unplugging all the USB
> peripherals on the theory that something there is trying to install, etc.,
> all to no avail. I've already run the Win2K Repair from the CD; no joy there
> either. So I'm getting ready to reinstall Win2K, and cringing at the thought
> of all the drivers etc. that I'll need to set up again.
> There is a slim chance that this might have been precipitated by a virus
> other than Roxio, because one of my clients had a particularly nasty virus
> infection last week. But I haven't downloaded any executables from them, and
> I'm well-guarded against other forms such as macros. And the problem showed
> up right after I ran Ahead's driver clean utility.
> My best guess at present is that Roxio left something around which now
> detects that the rest isn't installed, and it's trying to repair the
> installation. But that's only a guess.
> I can get to the Windows recovery console, and also to Safe mode. but haven't
> had any luck repairing things that way. Any and all tips gratefully accepted!!
> Steve Hendrix

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