While using a separate PC for each application will certainly reduce
conflicts, it should not be necessary.  You see, there is this concept
called "multitasking" - check it out!  ;-)

I burn CDs on my Protel workstation too.  And I'm not talking about MP3 CDs.
I burn CDs of our hardware drivers for our customers.  So it's entirely
work-related CD burning activity.  That's just as important as running

I already have 5 PCs (Linux server, linux client, W2K workstation, W95
miscellaneous, and a DOS/W95 hackbox) on/under/beside my desk anyway.  No
way I'm going to add yet another PC just to run one program which should get
along with other programs anyway.

I could afford to buy another PC.  I just can't stand any more clutter.
Behind my desk looks like an explosion in a cable factory.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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Subject: [PEDA] Seperate Systems - was Roxio, Nero, Virii and crashes

> Steve,
> I hope that the long thread of responses in the DXP forum helped you get
> your problem resolved with your system.
> Reading the posts gave me pause to think about a few things regarding my
> computer systems, and I thought that I would share some of those thoughts
> here in the forums, which are not necessarily related to your problem or
> post, but related to the many problems and crashes that I myself have had
> the past, and the many other similar problems and responses posted here in
> the forums by both I myself and others who have had problems with our
> systems and different combinations of software installed on them.
> The following are my conclusions that apply to me and what I need to keep
> mind in keeping my own house in order. I thought that I would share them
> here in the various Protel forums simply to supply some food for thought
> others who may be in situations similar to myself.
> Protel 99 SE had a List Price of $8,000.00.
> Protel DXP currently has a List Price of $8,000.00.
> Irrespective of whatever special package deals or upgrade offers anyone
> have gotten, or which version of the software anyone may be using, the
> remains that Protel is an $8,000.00 software package.
> That very expensive software package was purchased for the purpose of
> money, by way of making Printed Circuit Boards (or programming ASICs).
> Whether by direct consulting, or performing a job for an employer, the
> Protel software package is basically used as a source of income. Some of
> this income is secondary income, but most of it is primary income.
> The bottom line, plain and simple, is that Protel is an $8,000.00 software
> package that I rely on for my livelihood.
> The reliability of the Protel software package, and the related libraries
> (both those supplied with Protel and especially those that I have
> myself), and related databases, especially of schematics or PCB designs
> (whether past (completed projects or Boards), current (in process), or
> future (those that I have yet to do)), and related files, when all
> considered as a whole, especially when considered in terms of capabilities
> and requirements in terms of performing the task of earning that income,
> whether primary or secondary, represent far far more that a mere $8,000.00
> investment in piece of software on a CD ROM and the License that comes
> it.
> This is especially true when one considers the amount of actual time one
> either has invested in their own Protel "Machine / Toolbox", or the amount
> of time that they stand to loose should anything happen to that "Machine /
> Toolbox" which would require its replacement or its repair. By "Machine /
> Toolbox", I mean not only the software itself, but also all of the other
> things that have gone into having the ability to use Protel to "produce"
> end product of "income".
> One of the smaller components of that Protel "Machine / Toolbox", is of
> course a computer system, which is needed in order to be able to use the
> Protel software package itself.
> Even the very best of computer systems available today, including the
> hardware, the operating system, and the monitor, will still come out to
> than half of the original cost of the Protel software itself, in terms of
> price, at about $4,000.00. In reality, most people can put together an
> excellent system on which to run Protel for much less at around one eighth
> the of cost, or $1,000.00.
> Computers systems to do other tasks, whatever they may be, such as email,
> browsing the internet, playing games, burning a CD or listening to one, or
> even programming, can all be done on last years machine, with yesterdays
> operating system and yesterdays technology, on a separate machine which
> ranges in cost or value from $500.00 on down to nothing.
> The whole point is this.
> Why take a computer system which may range in price from $1,000.00 to
> $4,000.00, including an operating system, and then install an $8,000.00
> software package, and then invest much much more in dollar value in terms
> time and energy, to build a Protel "Machine / Toolbox", on which ones
> livelihood depends, and which is ultimately used to generate income, and
> then install other "software" or "things" which are not relevant to that
> livelyhood or income producing capability, which can ultimately damage,
> incapacitate, or even possibly destroy that Protel "Machine / Toolbox",
> cause you to have to repair or replace it, and possibly even loose part of
> it (oops!, there goes the hard drive with the file that was just about
> to get backed up!).
> Hubs, Switches, Routers, Network Adapter Cards, Cat5 Cables, and even
> Computers, are cheap. Really cheap. Especially by comparison. Computers
> components are getting so cheap today, that for all practical purposes,
> computers and their components can be almost considered as "throwaway
> computers".
> Why on earth should one invest more than $10,000.00 in real hard currency
> (on average), and much much more in real time and real energy, on building
> Protel "Machine / Toolbox", the prime purpose of which is to use to make
> money, and then jeopardize the usefulness and security of that Protel
> "Machine / Toolbox" investment, by installing things on that computer
> which really can be done by and belong on a "throwaway computer".
> How much money did I make last year using my Protel "Machine / Toolbox"?
> How much money do I hope to make this year using my Protel "Machine /
> Toolbox"?
> How much money do I stand to loose if I don't take proper care of my
> "Machine / Toolbox", and respect it as the "tool" that it really is?
> The overall answer is simple. A Protel "Machine / Toolbox" is a very
> expensive "tool" to be used for making money. Anything not directly
> necessary to using that Protel "Machine / Toolbox" as a "tool" for that
> purpose, doesn't even belong on the same computer system.
> Use a separate "throwaway computer" for email, and internet browsing, and
> burning CDs, and making backups, and programming, and playing games, etc.,
> etc., etc., and that way there won't be any problems on the Protel
> / Toolbox" computer system except for those problems with the Protel
> software itself.
> JaMi
> (separately posted to PEDA and DXP Forums)

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