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A second thought, in case the original query is a bust:

Is it possible to supress the ref-designator and part type text display
associated with a schematic component UPON PLACEMENT, without interferring
with the automatic display of these fileds by "normal" components?

That is, when a component is placed, the reference designator and part type
fields are, by default, displayed. Because of this, if the user desires
their supression, they must be manually hidden.

Suppose that there were two different types of situation, one in which a
REAL component, ie, LM317, MC68332, 74HCT245, INA106, etc., uses its fields
normally when depositied on the schematic sheet, and where a second type (a
pseudo-powerport) sup[resses the auto-display of the text fields.

Can be done or no?

Yes, I think it could be - but the catch is. I think it would require a new "Place" server to do it really seemlessly (blows own trumpet - ta daaaa.)

This may be of interest - but I have no idea if they add the ability to control the designators and part type as you wish.

Using " " for Designator and Part-Type wouldn't work for you? Gives an ERC error which is a pain - duplicate designators.

As alternatives....
Adding a library (read-only) Field, to the library components to allow a global operation on anything with say "HIDE_FIELDS" in one of the read-only fields would be a partial option. Unfortunately, P99SE does not allow you to do a global operation by matching against a library (read-only) field. This is a real shame! The system should have allowed (note the realistic past tense) matching (not changing) against read-only lib fields during globals.

A macro that changed all the designators and part type of components that had a string like this in a read-only field is probably not practical. But a server would be. This could easily be written to act across all sheets in a project or just the current sheet.

Another option would be to export to a spreadsheet (or Save-As and ASCII file) and then run a spreadsheet macro or (perl script in the case of the ASCII format Sch). thsi has the disadvantage of having to be done for each sheet separately.

So I can think of three workable solutions - all of various degrees of complexity.
1) A new place server.
2) Add specific string to specific read-only field to all the "no designator" components - and then run server to hide all designators etc on components with this string.
3) ditto - but Save-As ASCII/export to spread and make the change outside the P99SE environment.


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