On 04:37 AM 27/03/2003, Steve Wiseman said:
I've got a P99SE,SP6 session running (it's been up for days, and I've
been working hard, before anyone launches...)
Anyway, on trying to save, I get an address violation (in "CSRTL50.bpl") -
whether I try to save, or save as, any file. This is obviously a bit
annoying, although only the last hour or so of work is at risk. Does
anyone have a cunning plan to save in some other way, or do I just kill it
off and pick up from recent saves / backups?


It may be an idea to copy the DDB before you attempt to do anymore saves. You can copy DDB's while P99SE has them open.

I would also immediately copy all the backups you can find to a another location to reduce that chance of contaminating old backups.

Then try the autosave idea of Leo's.

Also, I have used the same select-all, copy and paste technique of Andrew's. Note that this does not take the PCB design rules so you may want to also try exporting the design rules so you have a copy of these - though you probably already do in you backup PCB files.

You may be able to run the Save process from the Run-Process dialog, but this is a bit of a long shot. You could try:

You could even try emailing it to yourself, but I have no idea whether that would take the copy on the disk or in RAM.

You may also find that closing the DDB will offer to save and may do so successfully - but obviously you should try other stuff first.

Exporting to a spread is not a lot of use as the hidden handles are not valid across sessions (actually there is an idea there for a recovery server - one that creates a PCB from all the objects in a exported spreadsheet. Actually, just in case it is useful, you could export everything to a spread document.)

You could try exporting as a PCAD2000 ASCII file - this is under the File-Export menu. But you may not have that server installed.

For schematics you could try some of the above stuff but you also have the process Sch:ExportSchematicToDatabase and the matching Import.... process. These may be useful.

I am sure there may be one or two things to try - if *really* desperate you could grab bitmaps of the screen to show changes you made. Certainly you could print out each layer onto overhead transparency (or even just paper) to allow a visual compare with a backup copy - you could open and print the backup and compare on a light box (or window) or just on screen.

How desperate are you?


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