On 06:19 PM 2/06/2003, Leo Potjewijd said:
Hi folks,
leave it to Leo to crash into weird stuff: the PCB editor refuses to rotate components when I press the spacebar.

What happened: last wednesday I was happily working on a complex design and all I had to do was annotate (auto-annotate makes a mess of multi-part components) and fill the PCB with parts in the proper place. With a long weekend ahead and nothing better to do I took de .DDB file home to some work on it (stupid thing to do: we have fabulous weather).
Found a few errors, corrected them and issued the update PCB command. Shuffled some of the components around, and then it was monday again (told ya: fabulous weather)....
Took the .DDB file back to work, opened it and tried to pick up where I left. I typed M-C and picked up a chip: it moved OK, but wouldn't rotate with the spacebar (or any other key for that matter; tried different components: no luck).
Opening the LIB, re-update PCB from both LIB and Sch, closing and re-opening: nothing I tried so far helps.
However, it IS still possible to manually rotate the part by editing the rotation.

I am convinced I messed something up, but what?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Under Tools|Preferences Options Tab check the Rotation Step and the Component Drag mode.

A rotation step of 0 will disable rotations. If you are dragging a component then rotations are also disabled. But you are using M-C so this last idea shouldn't be the problem.

Failing that try the trick of deleting the appropriate P99SE ini file. Backup up first. You could also try, instead of deleting the ini file and loosing stuff, editing the ini file and removing the vast list of historical files that have been opened - I have had trouble in the past when this list became too large. There is a limit to the acceptable size of an ini file under Win98 etc but not sure if this applies to WinNT and variants.

Ian Wilson

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