any fool can write ISO procedures badly, for ISO to work well for a company then the procedures must be written in such a way as to help the company in doing its business rather than hindering it!

Dennis Saputelli wrote:

i told my story before but ...
i had a board once put on hold and missed a major deadline
ISO shop

the called and said that my outside dimension string read 5.000 inches
but when they measured the drawn outline it measured 4.999 inches
i was out of the office
by the time the 'deviation exception' form was filled out and signed off
by them a whole week was lost

i pointed out that the routing tolerance was .005 inches anyway, "why
did you put it on hold?"
they said "because we are ISO"
i told them i was sorry to hear that

the same junk is going on with my sheet metal suppliers now

Dennis Saputelli

Yves Dubois wrote:

The problem with ISO is that it protects incompetent engineers and transform
them into "suppose to be intelligent managers". Those people hide behind the
ISO monster that they create to keep there job.

On the long term.... When all businesses will be ISO (I hope not) what will
be the point. They will have to invent another system so that they can be

May be we can start a naming contest for that futuristic new system:

here is a suggestion:



Not Bad :)

Yves Dubois
PCB designer
Raytron LTD

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The idea behind ISO9000 is just plain "common" sense (I put "common" in
quotes because common sense really isn't very common). So why do we need


trendy business school graduate buzzword to invoke it? Because the


business school graduates need to justify their existence and oversized
paychecks and golden parachutes somehow ;-)

The idea behind ISO9000 is self propagation.

It spreads down the supply chain like an infectious disease.

I wonder what percentage of companies would have ISO9000 were it not for
ISO9000 induced pressure from thier customers? Single digit is my guess.

Perhaps that is an indication of its real value.

Cheers, Terry.

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