I would like the script.  This has been an issue for me too.

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Hello John

as far as I know, there is no such button or option inside
protel P99 SE available.

I've done this for the transient analysis data in the following

0) Run your simulation within P99 SE.
1) export the *.sdf file from your ddb (if you are using the
   ddb storage) to a folder at the windows file system.
2) Then you can open and examine the file with an editor, pfe for
3) The *.sdf File konsists of some ASCII parts with konfiguration
   informations and some binary parts containig the simulation
   data stored as float numbers.
4) I've wrote a perl skript to extrakt the simulation data from
   the sdf-file, konvert it to ascii and stored the data in an new
   file wich can be used bei gnuplot or scilab for example.

Thats the best solution I found.
If you can run perl scripts on your machine then I can send you
the script. It should be easy to change it from transient analysis
data to ac analysis.

Hope this helps.

Dipl. Ing. J rg Guttmann
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  Subject: [PEDA] Simulation Data

  Is there any way to output the data used to produce the various
simulation output screens to an ASCII file for use in other programs?
Specifically, I'm interested in obtaining this data for the AC Analysis
simulation option so that I can plot simulated model data along with
data from a network analyzer to produce one of those "simulated versus
measured" plots.  I can't seem to find any option for outputting data
which is frustrating since the data must exist internally to be plotted
in the first place!

  John Waugaman

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