it is well documented on this list that P99SE is not stable on Win98. The problem 
is with resource limits within Win98. If you can, upgrade to NT4 or W2K. Upgrade your 
P99SE to Service pack 6. With one of those operating systems and the SP6, you should 
have very stable operation. Oh yes, ATI video cards were part of the problem back a 
few years as well. 
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        Hi Choong,
        upgrade to service pack 6, make sure you have at least 256MB of RAM and a good 
video card.
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        Hi and this is my first and my colleagues has been using Protel 99SE 
on multiple machines based on Win98 and XP but what we found out is that it always 
crash and giving error warning which seems to me as a memory stack error.Then i 
upgrade its service pack to Version 5 but these pesky performance still remain.I would 
like to know from this list users experience concerning this.Btw i am going back to 
Protel 2.8 for this reason althought it is less powerful.


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