On 02:36 AM 19/07/2003, Graham Brown said:

Many thanks Ian

I was unaware of the hidden 32-bit handles. 'Save As ASCII' did indeed have the effect of resetting my links. I need to ponder the under-the-hood processes at work in this! I expected the designators themselves to be the handles and to use the was/is file to translate.


IMO, the greatest thing the synchronizer did was to break the need to rely on designator for Sch<->PCB component matching. We are now free to make arbitrary changes to designators (once they are matched) and the system can keep track. If you use the was/is file it can only track one change at a time - forget to back-annotate and it can be a real problem to recover. The other thing the synch can do is update things like footprint (back into the sch from the actual footprint used on the PCB).

But it really is best to not mix the Synch (Update PCB, Update Sch) with netlist loads. Use one or the other exclusively on a project *unless* you know really well how both systems operate - and even then consider other ways of doing things so you don't mix.

IMO the *only* reason for using netlist load, as far as I can see, is where you are delivered a netlist and you don't have the P99SE sch available. I have seen arguments about how the netlist may be needed in other company processes - I would either export the netlist as required for these processes and use the Synch for Sch<->PCB management, or re-engineer the company processes.

Maybe someone could attempt to convince me that there is a reason why the netlist should be used in a fully P99SE project (apart from external company processes) but I think they may have a tough time.


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