Same goes for me ( strange problem that is). I enthusiastically did a PCB
layout from scratch and then used the nets tool "nets from connected
copper" to create the netlist. I got a fraction of the actual number of
nets. Time was short as usual and I went for the guaranteed solution of
creating all the missing nets by  hand using the nets menu. Quickest way to
do that was create as many dummy nets as I needed in the menu dialogue and
connect pads using the pad property box.
I have missed most of this correspondence but I hope you find an easier

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Hi Waldemar,

You seem to have got a really strange problem.

Just one idea. This trick usually helps if the Pcb have become corrupt. If
I read your first mail correctly you do have a schematic. If so I would try
to select all in the Pcb and copy it to new Pcb. This will usually flush
any invalid objects and problems. You will lose rules and the netlist, but
that is the good thing about this. Then try to update from the new Pcb from
the schematic and update the free primitives to get the tracks connected to
the pads. This usually helps.

I hope this trick can help.


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> From: Ian Wilson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Is the PCB routed or unrouted?


we got it routed, but for a redesign we unrouted some nets and,
after the problem apeares, we unrouted all nets for test.
So yes, all nets are unrouted.
But while you ask. The first version of the PCB (the converted)
did not show any pads for some reason. They apeared after we
replaced the old footprint by our new ones.

Thanks for fighting by my side.... still fighting


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