Hi folks,

I finished my PCB yesterday and generated gerber files from Protel99SE+ SP6,
running on W2K. I checked gerbers files (CAMtastic) I generated and saw strange
primitives (holes) on planes, see file on Yahoo... file name is



Plane on the picture is GND plane and there is a normal vias that has opening
with 8mil hole and some pads that has direct connection to plane with 8 mil hole.
But bottom side of the picture, there are those strange primitives "holes" on plane.
Same "holes" are also on other plane at the same place. (Strange primitives are all
over the PCB, this is not the only place where thay are...)
The funniest thing is, that I CAN NOT SEE THOSE "holes or primitives" on
the PCB file with Protel99SE. I can select those primitives with mouse by
holding left mouse button down and then pull mouse, when I use MS (move selection) 
command and
move mouse like very fast I can see white rectangle on the screen by knowing
that there is someting selected and moving when I move mouse, but still CAN NOT SEE 
I moved those "things" and generatd new Gerber files and they moved to the new place.
I tried to delete those "things" by Selecting All On The Layer (GND) and then unselect
primitives I need and then delete, but not succeed.

I imported some Gerber files to my PCB file some time ago, but can not
remember those holes/primitives on planes...

The question is how I can "find" and delete those damn primitives from my PCB
file so that in Gerber files there are anymore those primitives?!

Thank YOU!

Ps. already late ;(  (time is 3AM on Friday ;)

Juha Pajunen, Hw Engineer
Bitboys Oy
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