I have noticed (and I have only been using 99 SE for a few months) that it does indeed 
have Altzheimer's.  I have had the program completely erase my entire database 
(admittedly it wasn't large) including the backups.

I recently had a harddrive crash and had to reinstall Windows and Protel.  Since then 
it has been MUCH better behaved.

Michael Badillo

From: Leo Potjewijd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 2003/09/17 Wed AM 08:08:16 EDT
Subject: [PEDA] P99SE has Altzheimers' ?

Hi again.

I just noticed sometghing strange with the Sch editor of P99SE(SP6).

I set up my schematic libraries (all in one database) with custom part 
field names: 'tolerance'  for field 1, 'power/voltage' for field 2 and 
'class/rating' for field 3.
Since these fields can be blank for a lot of parts, I further set those 
fields to blanks in the default primitives dialog. I also unchecked their 
'hide' checkbox to facilitate later editing.

When I place a part, the first time around these fields show up as an 
asterisk on the same location as the part type; ie I have a value and three 
asterisks on top of one another.
The fields are not hidden (as expected), but the fields contain asterisks 
(which is NOT expected).

When I rotate the part or left-click again the asterisks that shouldn't be 
there in the first place suddenly show up at their normal position (which 
is _very_ strange, to say the least).

The weirdest thing however is that when I place the part, delete it and 
then place it again all behaves as expected: non-hidden, blank fields. 
Every subsequently placed instance of that part (wether left-click or with 
a new place command) is then OK, even when rotated...

But when I place some other part from any library I'm back at square one.

Closing libraries, databases or restarting Protel doesn't help; neither 
does 'update parts in cache' or 'update schematics'.

Which brings me to these questions:
Did I miss a setting somewhere?
Did anyone see this before?
Is there a solution to this? This is quite annoying.....

Leo Potjewijd
hardware designer
IE Keyprocessor bv.

+31 20 4620700

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