You reflex on me very too Raven,i started out as a TV repairman after school,then get 
into audio design especially loudspeaker and it is from here that i feel the need to 
learn CAD system for able to produce products which will keep me alive,then things got 
better of me Cad wise and i landed a job in speaker design dept for this company this 
is the reason that i am here in this forum because our company use Protel and me 
read,think and then experiementing alot in office paid time during the brief in 
assignment and the thing is that,i am a high school drop out,and i dont have a degree 
to because i think it all depend on who you work with ,where you live region wise and 
of course,come luck.



>I am very fortunate.  I was a technician until one of the engineers noticed that I 
>learned very quickly.  He brought me into the engineering department and I've been 
>paid while I've learned all of it:  circuit design, PCB layout, machine code, C, the 
>old design software (an old program called DCCADD), and now the new.  I manage to be 
>productive, and I have to study a lot on my off time, but I still spend quite a lot 
>of time reading, learning, and experimenting.  I still have years to go, but they've 
>been very good to me in this respect.  I am not an engineer yet, but I learn more 
>every day.  How I managed this (without a degree) in an economy where degreed 
>engineers are taking jobs as technicians and assemblers I don't know--but I count my 
>blessings every day.
>The learning curve has been very steep on Protel.  Even more so than design 
>fundamentals have been.  If I had to learn it on my own time, and especially if I had 
>to pay for it myself, I would probably have gone with Eaglesoft.  I just can't 
>justify a personal expense of $8,000 for software that is as quirky as this is.
>Just a Newbie's opinion,
>Michael Badillo
>Engineering Technician

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