Ah, I figured it out.
I had to place a second pin on top of the already existing one.
Now I have 2 pins named :'1' and 'B1' on top of each other in
schematic symbol. This gives me a red dot when connecting wire,
but it works.
Then the footprint also contains a pad named '1' and 'B1' and
they then get the same net.

Thanks again.


Rene Tschaggelar wrote:

Thanks a lot John,
(both your posts reached me at almost the same time)
I had a very quick look before going to dinner.
The point appears to be that the second row of pads
is named with an 'A' attached. So '1' and '1A', '2'
and '2A', and so on.

I'll have a closer look when I come back.


John A. Ross [Design] wrote:

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I'm usually coming from the Update design, update footprint, ... This time I also tried to create and load a netlist manually. It didn't work as it didn't assing a net to both, just one. I also found the soldermask to be negative. How do I cover something that is blank copper ?


I assume you are meaning a pad, in which case you could add a negative
clearance value to the pad which is enough to cover the pad completely .
If this is to be a permanent changes, then do this at footprint library
level, as any time you update from the PCB library, users changes will
be over written.

I also suspect you may have done a footprint update on the part after
loading the original netlist.
This is not that reliable when using the same number' methodology, it
does work, but only reliably at first import when no primitives are
connected to the pads. If you make any footprint updates then you can
expect issues. Trying to re-import the netlist using netlist load or
update PCB sometimes just does not work.
I uploaded a sample design for you to
http://www.proteluser.com/download/same_pinno/ which is a recreation of
what I seen happening. It is almost exactly like your example here.

I avoid using this same number method for connecting rows in preference
for two part symbols with 1,1A type naming conventions, wherever I can,
especially if the footprint is not mature and is being updated.

Hope that test board makes sense to you, I opened it up and checked all
was Ok before uploading it (it is old)


Ing.Buro R.Tschaggelar http://www.ibrtses.com
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