At 04:46 PM 12/5/2003, Rene Tschaggelar wrote:
A footprint of a connector, the microstac of ERNI, contains
each two faces per pin. Each pin is just one piece of brass, but not
touching in its middle. An explicitely not having copper there.
So I placed two pins with the same number each. Protel 99SE
somehow doesn't like it. From the netlist, only one of the
two is assigned a net, the other is left out.

I wasn't certain that I understood the question, so I didn't respond yesterday. But now, I think there is a comment to be made.

I'm still not certain I understand what is on the PCB. Perhaps it is a dual-row connector, either male or female. In the former case, there would be PCB fingers on each side of the board. This mates to spring contacts; logically, there is only one single row of pins; however, physically, on the board, there are two rows (perhaps on the top and bottom if it is male, or perhaps two rows of holes for two connector pins, same basic situation).

This then reduces to the old question of how Protel treats pads with the same name. If you start with a fresh board, no netlist loaded, and you place the parts, then load the net list using Netlist load, the last behavior I saw was this:

Both pads would be assigned the net. Then, next time you loaded the netlist, macros were created that would remove the net from both pins.

If in some way you start with one pad with the name and the other without it, loading the net list would reverse the assignments.

To my knowledge, this was never fixed in 99SE. (The behavior was improved with a 99SE service pack, but they didn't quite get it right.)

The Synchronizer, however (i.e., Update PCB from Schematic), behaves correctly. I.e., all pads with the same name (i.e., REFDES-PADNAME) are assigned the same net. This is useful in lots of situations, but you do have to be aware of the bug. It is a good idea to reload the net list or resynchronize before being certain that a design is done. If there are any macros created, take care to see that they are harmless. Multiple pads with the same name are something to look out for.... If you use netlist load, as you must when, for example, working from an OrCAD schematic, all the macros should be for removing the correct net assignment. You simply don't, then, allow the macros to execute.

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