Abd and Hamid

Ok, Protel 99 SE,

I had a little trouble following all of that at first, but actually got in there and
started playing around with the scope of the rule for Power Plane Connect Style, and
while I too had never before investigateed the full list allowed by the slider,
right there at the bottom is what I am looking for, which is "Region", and while it
takes a little bit of work to set it up, that is just what I was looking for.

This also appears to possibly be the answer to the "No Connect" situation I inquired
about in a parallel post, since I can set up special rule for "no-connect", although
the one thing that I was looking for there in the "scope", was the ability to apply
the rule directly to a single via, which appears to be the one thing that is not in
the list, although I guess that I could make a seperate via-specification that had a
very very slightly different sized pad, and place it where I wanted the my
"no-connect" via. It would have been nice to be able to just "select" a single via,
as it appears that you can do with pads.

Back to the Area question, the "Region" seems to be the answer. "Footprint" won't
work with a BGA, since most vias related to a BGA are actually free vias, which are
part of the fanout, and not the "Footprint".

Now the only question is can I do this in DXP?



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> At 10:26 PM 1/7/2004, Hamid A. Wasti wrote:
> >Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
> >>In 99SE, this would be controlled by a Design Rule, and the choices for
> >>scope  are Board, Footprint, Component/Class, Net/Class, Pad Class and
> >>Specification. I'm a little surprised not to see "via" there....
> >
> >Look harder.  It is there and always has been. It is located just below
> >"Pad Specification"
> duh. as is the rest, i.e., Via Specification, Footprint-Pad, and Region. I
> overlooked the slider....
> >>Now, in DXP, it seems to be a little more complicated.
> >
> >I looked and could not come up with a way to do it, so I gave up after
> >wasting an hour.  So much for the claim by the Protel sales person that if
> >you are an experienced user of 99SE, there is absolutely no learning curve
> >to be just as productive in DXP.
> I'd say that was puffery.
> >   A learning curve is involved only if you chose to take advantage of
> > additional powerful features. Would you call that a blatant lie, an
> > ignoramus telling the truth as he knew it, or in our politically correct
> > world a poor victim of capitalist society merely taking liberties with
> > the truth in order to earn enough commission to feed his family?
> I'd say somewhere between the second and the last, it can be hard to tell
> the difference (though I don't know if Protel salespeople get commissions).
> It is not entirely false, i.e., much of the basic functionality is the
> same, but enough functions have changed in some way to cause delay as one
> figures out how to do it in DXP. How much impact this has on productivity,
> I can't personally say, because I haven't pushed a job through DXP yet. But
> it will have an impact in the short term, I have no doubt.
> In real life, I'd ask the question on the DXP list, not here, if I wanted
> to get the fastest and best answers.
> >What I was specifically trying to do in DXP was to have all vias connect
> >to the planes without thermal reliefs.
> Well, I defined a via specification scope direct-connect rule in 99SE
> (unchecking all the specifications so that it applied to all vias), then I
> imported the board to DXP. I did get a rule with the same name, but the
> scope did not mention vias... just All.
> And I don't see via or pad scopes in DXP Power Plane Connection Style
> rules. What am I missing?
> (In 99SE, to reiterate, one may, for example, give free pads a PadName and
> then use Free-PadName in the scope, allowing one to control connection
> style and other characteristics like Solder Mask Expansion, pad-by-pad
> simply by editing the pad name. Or one could have one size of via that is,
> say, tented, and one size that is not.)
> The DXP way, as I understand it, would be to create a Query that selects
> the objects to be affected by the rule. I can create a Query that selects
> Vias with the Build Query command, but I don't see how to connect this with
> the Rule, the "Query Builder" button in the Rule window does pop up a query
> dialog, but the required options (Via, for example) are not there.... There
> has got to be a way.
> If I were trying to get a job out, having managed to get it designed in DXP
> and now I'm just trying to finish the details, I'd be fairly upset! (And,
> as I said, I'd ask on the DXP list. But my own motive here is to explore a
> bit what it is like to move to DXP as an old hand with 99SE, to find the
> rough edges.)
> And I'm not thrilled that the rule from the 99SE file did not survive
> import. (But maybe it did and I'm just not understanding what I'm seeing....)

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