At 11:45 AM 1/19/2004, Tim Fifield wrote:
I've a KOA resistor library in in 99SE and DXP that I want to change to a
"Lead Free" library. Basically all I want to do is change the "LTD" in the
part number of one of the text fields to "TTD". I could edit each part
separately but that would probably be a solid week or two of work.

In 99SE: unfortunately, the Export to Spreadsheet and Global edit facilities were left out of the 99SE Schematic Library editor. You can, however, write the library as an ASCII file. File/Save As/Advanced Schematic ASCII. Then you can search and replace the fields in a text editor. Be careful... If LTD exists in other fields than the one you want to change, it's not going to be as simple as a single search-and-replace LTD -> TTD.

Note that the Schematic Editor also will export to ASCII, and this feature could be used to do certain kinds of global edits that are cumbersome in the program itself.... But there'd have to be a fair amount of editing to do before it would be worth the hassle.... And when editing ASCII databases, one is especially vulnerable to mistakes, which could create subtle errors, so backing up and caution are in order.

In DXP, Schematic Libraries can no longer be saved as ASCII. However, the Parameter Manager seems to perform some of the functions for which Export to Spreadsheet would have been used. (Tools/Parameter Manager), and, for this task, would be superior to editing ASCII anyway.

I do worry about the loss of ASCII forms of the files. The existence of the ASCII database for various Protel documents was a powerful feature: when all else fails, you could get at the raw data.

I did not find it possible to open in DXP the ASCII form of a P99SE schematic library. However, such a library can be taken back into P99SE, written as binary, and then taken into DXP.

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