On 07:36 AM 4/02/2004, Jon Elson said:

Leo Potjewijd wrote:

I am trying to update an existing PCB (19"6U passive backplane): it needs to be shorter, lose some connectors and gain two connectors of a different type.

I changed the schematic (just a single sheet) to include all connectors and their interconnections (almost all of them got a new refdes); then I changed the PCB manually to add the new ones, delete the unwanted ones and renumbered them all according to the new schematic.

When I run 'update PCB' the synchroniser does not recognise two (different) connectors: it claims that J7 is not on the PCB (which it is) and that J13 is not on the schematic (which it is).
I checked all fields, names etc of the components in question but cannot find anything wrong.
Ugh, you've de-synchronized the synchronizer.

This occasionally happens when you manually change parts on the PCB and then
try to synchronize. Once it happens, the synchronizer is very difficult to get working
right again, although it sometimes clears itself.

I think the easiest way to clear the hidden synch "handles" is to save the PCB file as an ASCII file and the close and re-open. When you try to re-synch the Match by Designator dialog will pop up to help you make the initial match.

Leo - you would probably have been better off only making the manual changes in Sch and then done an update. this should have created macros to delete and change components as required and then you could have finished off the PCB. This is what I do - almost all changes are driven from the Sch via the Update PCB (synchroniser). Rarely would I muck about on both the Sch and the PCB at the same time unless I am really careful. Occasionally I will change the footprint of a component on the PCB and then use the Update Sch to push that change back to the Sch.

Ian Wilson

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