On 01:38 AM 5/02/2004, Protel Hell said:
are the rules for email different outside the U'S.?

No. There are no rules just conventions.

it has been the custom in a thread to add your comments to the top of the email, that way people know what you are adding to the thread, they also have a history of what has been said because each person adds to the original conversation,

There are endless discussions on the benefits of top vs bottom posting vs interleaved. I very much think you would find 50% US citizens would go one way and 50% the other. The remaining 10% would be random.

I notice many of you go through the email reformatting what has previously been said and intermixing your replies

.. which is considered very good form in many situations where a reply is complex and you are addressing specific points - a great aid to communication. It matches the manner of face-to-face banter.

the goal of communication is shared meaning, why is it everyone always tries to change the way we communicate? is the standard way really that bad?


Note the use of something to show that unnecessary body text has been removed.

BTW, I did not edit anything, just hit the reply button, look what has happened to the thread

It is customary to trim replies to remove excess verbiage - such as the unnecessary headers, sigs etc. Leaving unnecessary stuff in a reply is considered bad form. Simply replying as you did leaves all this stuff in - a sufficient source of angst to some users of this list that they have popped up every so often complaining about it.

It is also considered good form to ensure the subject correctly reflects the content of the message and to not use the Reply function to start a new thread (doing so can confuse archive programs as they try to determine the threads).


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