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hi Leo

i can't reproduce your problem, please see if i did it right

i set via default paramter to tent


i set a design rule to a big expansion to make it obvious
note: i used via specification in design rule to apply only
to the diameter and hole size of the defualt via type

Check. The specification is not necessary....

i then placed some vias nad they were tented
on an individual vias i unchecked 'tenting'
and the big expansion showed up.


this is all as expected


did i miss something ?

All the vias that are placed during interactive routing (switching layers) show the big expansion , all the vias that are placed with the Place Via command are tented.
I route all my boards (postage-stamp size, very dense, 4 or 6 layers) by hand, I don't trust the autorouter to create anything useful.....

 I just about had it with P99SE.

*** WARNING : rant coming up ***

Because "Protel99SE.exe has caused errors and will be closed. An error log is being created" (and NOT for the first time). Last weeks' crash left 5(!) Ddb's too damaged to repair and I lost three days piecing the bits back together from a backup tape that could not be loaded back in one piece.
Something good came out of that though: a brand new SunFire V60x... I installed only the bear necessities on W2kPro and converted the restorated Ddb's to the windows file system on a local HDD. Alas, it didn't help......
Todays crash 'only' lost me two hours of work because the P99SE auto-backup feature (set for 30 minutes) didn't do its job......

Sorry for the rant guys, I just had to blow off some steam (two weeks behind schedule now)....

The weirdest part by far of all of this is that I did NOT EVER have a P99SE crash at home.... (the via problem _is_ present at the home system too).
That system (P2 @ 910 MHz) is running the _same_ W2kPro and P99SEsp6 (and loads of other stuff that doesn't run at work) on the _same_ amount of memory (768 MB).
No network though, and a different virus scanner (Norman at home vs McAfee at work; both set to leave .Ddb files alone)...

Right now, I'm in for some _very_ drastic measures.
Any hints?


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