my 2 cents on this
i think this topic is on topic
by elimination i would say ATI on-motherbd video is next suspect

FYI and not pertaining to your crashes the latest stuff i have 
read in PC magazine says that defragging doesn't do much good
might do a little harm in the sense of the risk of rewriting everything

is this machine targeted at CAD users or general office use?

would love hear what the final solution is

Dennis Saputelli

Leo Potjewijd wrote:
> I'm not sure this still belongs on the PEDA forum.... But I'm sure to be
> corrected if it doesn't.
> At 06-03-04 00:03, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
> ><snip-snip>
> >>Because "Protel99SE.exe has caused errors and will be closed.
> >
> >My condolences.
> Thanks....
> ><snip>
> >First of all, the virus scanner and network differences are not likely to
> >be the cause, in my opinion. Rather the most likely causes, at least the
> >ones I'd first suspect, are the video card or a memory problem, i.e., a
> >bad chip. There are video cards known to cause Protel to crash.... ATI
> >cards were famous for this. And a bad memory can cause, of course, all
> >kinds of problems. Sometimes they will only show up with one program that
> >happens to be vulnerable. As far as the bad memory possibility is
> >concerned, I'd swap around memory devices, if possible, or at least run
> >some very thorough memory test utilities, the kind that you let run all
> >night....
> On the 'old' machine at work (the one that took out 7 Ddb's in one crash) I
> use a Matrox Millennium G450 (32MB) videocard that was purcased especially
> for that PC to run Protel...
> That machine (Compaq evo) has 768 MB memory and is running W2k/sp3. All
> designs were in access format on the network CADserver.
> >It is always possible, as well, that a particular installation has gotten
> >trashed in some way, so reinstalling may be in order. Remember, when
> >reinstalling Protel, to delete the *99SE* files in the System folder.
> >(They aren't likely to be the problem here, but why not be thorough?)
> I did (after the first crash) re-install Protel using the description
> posted here several times but apparently that did not help.
> We thought it to be bad memory, too. That's the reason why the CEO took
> action and arranged new hardware overnight (usually that takes about 9
> months - coincidence?).
> I started from scratch with a brand new Sun Fire V60x (Xeon CPU, 2.8GHz)
> out of the box: a true virgin (... and a _very_ noisy beast too). Of course
> it is possible that this machine cointained a bad chip in it's 512 MB
> memory, but I would find that highly unlikely....Especially with ECC memory....
> If Sun keeps their delivery date I'll have an extra 2GB on monday; I will
> run memory tests monday night on both machines.
> I had to get the SCSI and ethernet drivers from the internet (that hardware
> is so new, W2k doesn't know it exists), installed W2k and was very pleased
> to see the built-in video card (turns out to be an ATI RAGE XL) accept a
> 1600x1200 true color setting with the default driver so I did not load any
> other video drivers, just added W2kSP4.
> The network guys then added McAfee with automated updates from the server.
> I then installed Protel from the CD and added service pack 6; finally
> converted the Ddb's to filesystem format on the local HDD.
> Needless to say I rebooted between every single step of the whole process,
> just to be safe.
> But it still lets Protel crash after just one week of service... Thanks to
> the changed storage structure the damage is limited though.
> Where did I go wrong? Ok-ok, I'll see to it that I get another videocard.
> Any suggestions?
> No AGP slot in there,  just two PCI-X slots.
> As a comparison: at home I use a P2-910 in an Asus CUV4X motherboard with
> 768MB (two brands) and a Nvidia RIVA TNT2/64 with 32MB on 1280x1024 (the
> monitor gets very fuzzy above that).
> The OS is W2K/sp4, virus scanner and firewall from Norman Security suite.
> I do not use a grounded outlet, have way too much software installed for a
> stable system, not re-installed Windows for over a year, use antique
> DOS-based utilities regularly and usually have 7 or more programs running
> simultaniously (in short: do everything one shouldn't do for stability's
> sake) and never had a Protel crash......Hey, I even do regular
> defragmentation on all drives.....
> I think I'll take the CEO up on his remark 'why do you not work at home,
> then?'....
> But seriously, folks: I'm stumped.
> If you guys are too: I don't blame you
> Leo

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