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> Subject: [PEDA] company schematic libraries
> I just wish to ping you on how you setup your own company 
> schematic libraries. There seem to be so many ways to skin 
> this cat I just wanted to get a feel for how others make 
> solid libraries.
> When designing PCBs, I personally like to have specific parts 
> in the libraries.
> Do you, for instance, try & have a library with specific parts (e.g.
> 1k, 1k2 etc) or do you go for the generic RES symbol.  If you 
> go for the specific, do you simply copy the generic res 
> symbol & then modify the parameters appropriately? What do 
> you name the part? For company ABC, something like 
> ABC_RES0805_1k, ABC_RES0805_1k2 or what? Where do you build 
> in your company part number. What do you use all the other 
> parameters for.


I think you have a pretty good grasp of the issues anyway, but as a
preference I always use a proven company library, I do not use the
supplied Protel ones.

In this company library I will create individual parts that require it
(semi/discretes/actives etc) and generic parts, like say Rohm 0603 just
as MCR006_F and will add the value comment like 1K2 in SCH place
operation, same idea for chip caps, ecaps and so on.

Although I do not make the company lib read only, and as they can only
be used in DDB format, I have the permissions set to only allow one user
to change the library. 

DXP helps a bit, with the use of integrated (pre-compiled) libs, but I
would have preferred a method to 'lock' the IntLibs so that
decompilation to source libs was not possible (or passworded anyway)

Each engineer has the use of their own 'scratchpad' library for parts
they have to create 'on the fly', this is exactly as it sounds. 

Before any new parts are used in a design, the proposed part must first
go through an approval process. 
First it has to be checked & approved by another engineer, purchasing &
Then after drafting the parts for the design in the scratchpad lib,
checked again by another engineer (elimination of risk/error type
process loop) they can be submitted to the main lib.
Only parts in the main library can be used for release boards (and in
some cases final approval is not complete until after assembly and
approved by production engineers).

Seems a lot of work, but this is only initially, after a while you have
a library that is well proven and this makes the design a lot easier and
it can be assembled with a higher level of confidence, that a respin
will not be needed for even production issues (assuming the design
itself has had a DFM audit on it anyway as part of the design process)


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