On 12:20 PM 5/03/2004, Dom Bragge said:
I just wish to ping you on how you setup your own company schematic
libraries. There seem to be so many ways to skin this cat I just wanted
to get a feel for how others make solid libraries.

When designing PCBs, I personally like to have specific parts in the

Do you, for instance, try & have a library with specific parts (e.g.
1k, 1k2 etc) or do you go for the generic RES symbol.  If you go for
the specific, do you simply copy the generic res symbol & then modify
the parameters appropriately? What do you name the part? For company
ABC, something like ABC_RES0805_1k, ABC_RES0805_1k2 or what? Where do
you build in your company part number. What do you use all the other
parameters for.

You mention "parameters" - does this mean you are using DXP? Or is this P99SE. It does not make a lot of difference except that DXP has better management or parameters and it is easier to work with some systems than it was in P99SE (easily enough possible just not as easy).

I used to use the common RES/CAP etc system, but now I have a strict one-part, one-symbol. So in the case of a few sample capacitors my latest library contains:
Name in library Description
CAP_100N_0603 CAP, 100n, 10%, 0603, X7R, 16V
CAP_100P_0402 CAP, 100p, 5%, 0402, NPO, 50V
CAP_100P_0603 CAP, 100p, 5%, 0603, NPO, 50V
CAP_10N_0402 CAP, 10n, 10%, 0402, X7R, 16V
CAP_10U_1206_6V3_X5R CAP, 10u, X5R, 1206, 6V3, 10%
CAP_10U_1210 CAP, 10u, Y5V, 1210, 16V

For ICs I will usually put in the full manufactures part number, the following two devices are separate items in my library even though they are nearly exactly the same.
LTC1934ES6 Regulator, Switching, 3.2 to 34V, ThinSOT
LTC1934ES6-1 Regulator, Switching, 3.2 to 34V, ThinSOT, Low output current version

Versions of the same part with different footprints are different items in my SchLib.

My criteria is if it would have a different company part number then it exists as a separate item in the SchLib system. Each SchLib part has a PartNumber parameter which contains the company part number.

Make generation of BOMs easy also makes linking to external databases easy.

I call this the "one-part, one-symbol system".

It sounds like work but it is not hard to manage - unless you have overblown restrictive part number management systems that means it takes 2 week to get a new part number issued.


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