On 09:05 AM 18/03/2004, Ray Mitchell said:
I don't use DXP myself but a coworker here has no choice since 99SE won't work on WinXP. Anyway, when it came time to annotate his schematic to get rid of all the question mark designators he went through the standard procedure. When it was done he found that several schematic symbols had been arbitrarily moved to other pages and plopped down right in the middle of nowhere! In addition, some existing symbols had been duplicated and placed in arbitrary places on arbitrary pages. Therefore, his solution is to simply go through all 12 pages of his schematic every time he annotates in order to correct DXP's errors (or should this be considered a feature?). Has anyone seen this behavior?

Since this list is frequented by lots of people *not* using DXP and happily saying so at every chance you will get a little more noise than if you asked your question on the Altium DXP forum. (http://forums.altium.com)

I know that there are some paranoid people that think that Altium will censor things, I haven't seen it happen except due to extreme rudeness. There are plenty of very disparaging comments on the forum. The main benefit for someone with a specific question is senior Altium people read and respond to questions. If you have something that looks like a bug better report it. I also know that this is a perfectly acceptable place to discuss DXP, it is just that you get direct access to the developers from the Altium forum and you problem sounds like a serious one to me.

I have not seen Sch parts move during annotation like you talk about. Does it only happen to multi-part components? There was some complaints (with good reason) about the annotation tool re-organising parts in multi-part components - not good. A check box, "Don't Annotate Component", was added to help deal with this problem.


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