Where are you working?  I want to come work for you.   I work with engineers that give 
me pdf schematics from Orcad, Viewlogic,  Mentor, etc.  So a netlists are a must for 
pcb design services.        I don't sweep floors, make copies, or correct your 
schematic for errors but I do use the netlist to trouble shoot problems.      At the 
company that I work for, and does use Protel   the engineers don't use Protel all the 
same way.    In fact no two companies  are capture schematic the same way.  I wish it 
were different but this my real world.    The engineers I work with use  Protel and 
Orcad as a drawing tool. Heck,   I had one client that just found out he could auto 
annotate instead of manually changing ref numbers.  Should have seen his face when I 
showed him that trick.  Now I get schematics from him with parts re-annotated on every 
revision.    Should see my face when he did that.     

Netlist Import / Load  / compare or whatever it is called now
The knowledge base is out of date and does not reflect 2004 changes.  With 2004 you do 
not have to create projects etc to load the netlist.    Score one for complaining.  

Report:  for netlist
    All the report needs is more information  ie footprint and part type added to it.  
 Actually, I  would like to see a summary of common components instead of an itemized 
list, but that is  my preference. 

And get rid of those redundant worthless  boxes that need checked to continue,  

DXP forum:  

I figure if you are reading this  and responding, then my I am being heard.  You seem 
to have some good  connections.   You are a pretty shape dude with a good feel for the 
future of this stuff. Unfortunately, not every engineer is ready to use all of this 
capability.   Just  mention configuration control and management to most engineers and 
you will get tossed out like a salad . I work with small companies, and some very 
large ones.  You might be surprized how primative the design world is ...for example 

Component type:
I would be willing to quiz every engineer I have worked with for the past 30 years and 
99 percent would not be able to correcty answer a definition of Standard, mechanical, 
graphical, NET TIE, etc. Nor would they care or even use it even if they could

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>>Off topic
>>Can anyone tell me what the other silly   choices  ie  Standard, 
>>mechanical, graphical, NET TIE have to do with my component?   It looks 
>>like another PCAD   migration.  What is it?  These options are in the 
>The help gives pretty detailed info on the component type property.  I 
>don't know about being silly - users have been asking for these choices for 
>a *long* time - they are one of the good changes brought in with DXP. Again 
>- the DXP forum has discussed these and the recent important additional 
>option - "Standard (No BOM)".  I was one of the people hassling to get your 
>"silly" property.  Many of us like having the option of controlling our 
>parts lists/BOMs direct from the Sch. Silly for you is important for others.
>Try double clicking on a component in Sch and then using the little 
>question mark on the top right of the component properties dialog to get 
>help on things you don't know.

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