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> Component type:
> I would be willing to quiz every engineer I have worked with 
> for the past 30 years and 99 percent would not be able to 
> correcty answer a definition of Standard, mechanical, 
> graphical, NET TIE, etc. Nor would they care or even use it 
> even if they could


This was one of the most asked for features on this list, since as far back
as P98, not the DXP one, and cause for many people complaining about how
items in the SCH such as nuts/washers/bolts/insulators..... can be shown on
the SCH, included in the BOM, but not required for the PCB.

There were cries to have this functionality for P99 release as I recall and
in subsequent SP's but it never happened.

The net tie is the result of many discussions on the 'Lomax short' work
around and allows for differently names nets such as isolated gnds to be
tied to a single point. Again, many cries of why this was not supported as

Graphical is for things not required in BOM but wanted on PCB, like hazard
warning in PSU, ESD symbol, logo and so on.

Although the naming does not follow what would be recognised as 'standard'
terms, the terms are not that obtuse as to hide their function. 

I don't need to tell you the benefits of these additions in DXP, you can see
that for yourself. 

Each one of these was a workaround in 99SE, now standard in DXP and they do
save time.

These features would not be top of my 'most hated' list in DXP by a long
shot, guess most people already know the parts I seriously dislike.

You had some other comments on netlist management & ECO, as you know I also
work a lot with netlists from clients or between tools where I do not have
access to the source documents. I would agree this could be made a lot more
user friendly in DXP.


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