I have always wondered why this ("the flip") isn't a standard feature.
What's the big deal? It seems like this would be a highly desired
capability. I am constantly double checking my self to ensure that I haven't
numbered something backwards on the bottom layer. PITA

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Press the keys:


This is options/layers and you can turn on and off 'til you heart's content.

Someone on this list wrote a server I think to do the flip, but generally
the answer is no. You can try using the 3D viewer and flip the 'view' that


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I use Protel 99SE.
Is it possible to view different layers and turn different layers on and
off.  I know that by pressing <SHIFT> +S, I will view only the current layer
but its it possible to select which layers are being viewed.  For example
when looking at my top layer I would like to see the Top layer and the Top
Layer overlay .

Also is it possible to flip the board around and view the bottom layer as if
it were the top.  Once I fabricate and start troubleshooting the PCB I would
like to be able to view what I have in real life.  When I am looking at the
top layer on my PCB I am looking at my top layer in Protel and when I filp
my PCB around and look at the bottom layer I want to be able flip my view
around in Protel so that I see the bottom of the board.  I no longer want to
see a mirrored version.

This stuff is not critical but it would be a nice to have.  This is
especially true when I am working with very dense boards.


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