Hi Tom:

What prompted the change from PADS to Protel??

tr :)

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Abd ulRahman,

We are almost completed with the translation of the 9,000 part PADS library
to Protel DXP. 

Phillip Restall - [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote a program to change the
silkscreen outline to a special line width in the PADS library and then,
once the library is in Protel, we are globally moving that special line
width to the correct layer Protel layer. Then we are changing the silkscreen
line width back to the normal line width. 
Please contact Phillip directly if you know of any quick fix for this

BTW: The standard line width for all silkscreen and assembly outlines in the
IPC-7351 library is 0.2mm (8 mils).

This seems to be working out and we should have the new IPC-7351 library
online by Monday on www.PCBLibraries.com for free download. 

If anyone is looking for specifications for this library you can find them
in at this URL:

I highly recommend:
IPC-7351 Land Pattern Naming Convention
Component Orientation
The CAD Library of the Future
And whatever else meets your fancy

I thank everyone for your input. You have made our job much easier.


Tom Hausherr
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At 12:32 PM 7/1/2004, Joe Sapienza wrote:
>I tried during the import to redirect the assembly info to the various
>mechanical layers, it ignored me sans even a note and sent them to the top
>silkscreen anyway. I was told the "why" is because the importer program was
>targeted toward copper layers primarily.

I'm going to refrain from commenting on the intelligence behind this....

Is it possible to move the assembly information in PADS to a copper layer? 
(In Protel this would be easy.) Sure, it would be "wrong," but then the 
copper layer could be moved to a mech layer in Protel.

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