There is no change. We are commissioned (volunteers of IPC) to develop the
IPC-7351 Land Pattern Calculator and create a Wizard output with direct
import into every CAD tool via IPC-2581 (neutral CAD database) import. 

The members of the IPC-2581 committee consist of all the top manufacturers
and assembly shops in the world, all the assembly machine vendors, Valor and
Router Solutions and the following CAD vendors: Mentor Graphics, Cadence,
Zuken and Intercept Technologies. Altium is not on the committee and
therefore we assume that we will have to write direct interfaces for Protel
and PCAD because Altium will be the only CAD vendor that cannot import /
export IPC-2581 format. 

Part of PCB Libraries responsibility is to create an IPC-7351 CAD library in
IPC-2581 format. The IPC-2581 is scheduled to start testing this fall. It
will replace Gerber Data and will directly import into all assembly pick &
place machines.

What is the IPC-2581? It's written in XML format and contains code from
ODB++ and GenCAM. It will be a neutral CAD database format with a main
purpose to drive all the manufacturing machines, but we are using it as a
neutral CAD library format. 

Read more on the IPC-7351 and the IPC-2581 by downloading the technical
paper "The CAD Library of the Future" from the Technical Paper section on: 

Use the Power Point file to give presentations at your local User Groups or
IPC Designer Council meetings, Trade Shows or to give presentations to
fellow staff members to discuss migrating to the "One World Library"
IPC-7351 specification for the sole purpose of "Electronic Product
Development Automation". 

Register to download the free IPC-7351 Navigator Wizard Demo and you'll get
a glimpse of the future. 


Tom Hausherr
PCB Libraries
Director of Technology
858.592.4826 Phone
847.745.0450 Fax
Website: &

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Hi Tom:

What prompted the change from PADS to Protel??

tr :)

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Abd ulRahman,

We are almost completed with the translation of the 9,000 part PADS library
to Protel DXP. 

Phillip Restall - [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote a program to change the
silkscreen outline to a special line width in the PADS library and then,
once the library is in Protel, we are globally moving that special line
width to the correct layer Protel layer. Then we are changing the silkscreen
line width back to the normal line width. 
Please contact Phillip directly if you know of any quick fix for this

BTW: The standard line width for all silkscreen and assembly outlines in the
IPC-7351 library is 0.2mm (8 mils).

This seems to be working out and we should have the new IPC-7351 library
online by Monday on for free download. 

If anyone is looking for specifications for this library you can find them
in at this URL: 

I highly recommend:
IPC-7351 Land Pattern Naming Convention
Component Orientation
The CAD Library of the Future
And whatever else meets your fancy

I thank everyone for your input. You have made our job much easier.


Tom Hausherr
PCB Libraries
CEO, Director of Technology
858.592.4826 Phone
847.745.0450 Fax
Website: &

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At 12:32 PM 7/1/2004, Joe Sapienza wrote:
>I tried during the import to redirect the assembly info to the various
>mechanical layers, it ignored me sans even a note and sent them to the top
>silkscreen anyway. I was told the "why" is because the importer program was
>targeted toward copper layers primarily.

I'm going to refrain from commenting on the intelligence behind this....

Is it possible to move the assembly information in PADS to a copper layer? 
(In Protel this would be easy.) Sure, it would be "wrong," but then the 
copper layer could be moved to a mech layer in Protel.

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