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HI Duane

Before I can give an answer to all of your question....I need to know did
you follow my step by step instructions for fanning out?   I typically can
route any design ( large ones with several thousand components )  in 5
passes.   The secret is the routing channels must be kept open.  Secondly,
what is are you calling the "basic do"   is this the do file Protel
generates?  (DXP only).   
I would stay away from assigning directives  like "any direction"  this will
only complicate things by not steering the router to work for you.  Two
layer designs work as easily as multilayer long as you have open
channels.  That is key.   On very populated tight designs I discount the
component side as a routing layer because the components are in the way.

Electra will route 100 percent, as long as your rules make sense. Take a
closer look at your rules and make sure they make sense. ie can a 10 mil
line fit inside a 8 mil gap       Let me know how I can help.  And thanks
for reading it.

Mike Reagan 

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Thanks for the white paper Mike.

I have been curious to try the Electra autorouter ( mainly because of your
enthusiastic plugs ), and so I read your white paper and got the demo.

I routed a small double sided board with SMD on both sides.  I was able to
get 100% routed in 99SE using 10/10 and 12mil spacing SMD-track.  99SE
router will not do my desired 14mil SMD-via spacing, so i manually adjusted
offending vias and cleaned up.

I am trying Electra on the same layout and initially getting 94% completion
and no adherance to any special clearance rules.

I tried using your DO file and it seems ROUTE 5 is inadequate.  Am i
misunderstanding your intention?

I tried the file with an addition of "rule pcb (clearance 12 (type
smd_wire)". I did not see any adherance to this special rule in the
resulting routing.

I have tried using small grids and assigning layers to 'any' direction, with
some improvement.

I would be encouraged with Electra if I could get 100% routing with
adherance to my spacing rules.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Or does Electra
shine on multi-layer stuff and this simple 2 layer board is under the
Electra radar?

Duane Foster

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> Hello All,
> Please feel free to  visit  and read my white 
> paper  on how to use the Electra Autorouter with Protel  99SE 
> and  DXP products.  I have been posting for some time now 
> that this router is one of the best products available.  I 
> was asked by  the ConnectEDA staff  to write a paper for all 
> you users that are afraid to try autorouters.   I have not 
> accepted any payment for this effort , my only interest is 
> have better design tools available and to open a new dialog 
> for Protel users.   
> Enjoy the article 
> Mike Reagan
> Frederick MD

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