Most of the major Japanese manufactures have been lead free for over 3 or 4
years, I guess there reliability is so good as you haven't even noticed the
difference ;-)

I have looked into this over here (in the UK) and it seems Sony are one of
the world leaders, they have patents all over there technology/ materials/
processes and are not going to share it with any one :-(

Peter Smith

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> your wish comes too late.

No, I've been wishing this for years ;-)

I have not checked the EU rules lately, but IIRC they have some exemptions
for industrial, medical, and military equipment.  Since our products are
used in these areas, I think we fall into this category.  If anyone has
links to the latest lead-free rules, please post them.

Any discussion is meaningless?  Who does the EU think they are, rulers of
the world?  That's our (U.S.'s) divine right ;-)

But seriously, unless someone can show a formula and process that has good
long-term solder joint reliability (as good or better than Pb), there is
going to be serious trouble with lead-free.  Imagine the implications of
early solder joint failure of lead-free electronic equipment:

1) Expensive automobiles having to be scrapped prematurely because their
ECMs quit working, and all the junkyard car ECMs don't work either, due to
the same failure of solder joints
2) Costly equipment failures in telecom and industrial equipment.  Medical
equipment failures resulting in possible patient injury or death, and the
inevitable lawsuits.
3) Disillusionment of the public when their consumer goods fail soon after
the warranty period expires

Cheap goods (MP3 players, clock radios, etc.) won't be subject to the same
expectation of quality as more expensive goods.  You can bet the consumer
will be outraged when their $5000 plasma TV stops working after 1 year.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

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