On Jul 21, 10:57 pm, Tim Acheson <tim.ache...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I generally create web services using WCF or ASP.NET MVC. I don't get
> the point of "Protocol Buffers". Am I missing something?


> I don't need to write any code to do the serialisation, either. I just
> define the return type of the web method in my WCF project, or define
> an ASP.NET MVC Action that returns the object. The framework does the
> rest.
> Also, I rarely come accross a web service that returns anything other
> than strings, 32-bit integers and booleans. If I did, I'd probably
> question the architecture.

> Perhaps somebody could explain why I would want or need to use
> Protocol Buffers?

Your question is constrained, i.e. to WCF and .NET. The simple answer
is "you dont need to".

If your entire world is truly constrained in this way then I might
question your

OK, that's being flip. What I really mean is that your question might
make PB look unsuccessful when it patently isnt. There is no
in the .NET framework that delivers the same service across the
and platforms that PB does.

If you can pull off all your development within the WCF+.NET island
not using PB is (perhaps) an optimal decision.


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