On 21 January 2013 13:14, Gordon Sim <gordon.r....@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 01/21/2013 11:43 AM, Robbie Gemmell wrote:
>> I don't think that list being separate is the main source of most of the
>> confusion with proton.
> I agree and was not suggesting that it was.

Sorry, I didnt really mean to imply you were suggesting that it was (or
that it was part of your motivation), I just felt that it had been
suggested. I was just being lazy and replying to / giving my thoughts on
the entire thread in one email.

> I do however think that had past conversations on both the proton and dev
> lists been more visible then the community as a whole would have a better
> view of what was happening and any questions would get asked earlier
> forcing them to be dealt with earlier.


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