I agree that the qpid and proton users should be on the same list. Also, it's 
useful for much of the development info to be open to the users list. My only 
concern for a second list is for things that committers may need to talk about 
but which the larger user community doesn't care about. For example, "who broke 
the build" or questions/issues about the release process, etc.


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> Subject: mailing lists and fragmented communication
> I believe that we have too many mailing lists and that we are missing out on
> valuable collaboration and transparency as a result.
> Too often in the past topics have been discussed on the dev list without
> reflecting any of the discussion back to the user list, keeping a large part 
> of
> the community in the dark. Now that we have a distinct list for proton there
> is the possibility of yet more fragmentation.
> I honestly believe that we would be better off with just one list for
> discussions. I think there will increasingly be issues that cross-cut 
> different
> components or that would benefit from wider participation. Not all topics will
> be of interest to all subscribers, but that is always going to be the case.
> It doesn't seem to me like any of the lists are so high in volume that this
> would cause significant problems. More rigorous use of subject could help
> people filter if needed. (JIRA and commit notices I think do warrant their own
> lists allowing a lot of the 'noise' to be avoided if so desired).
> Any other thoughts on this? Does anyone have fears of being deluged with
> unwanted emails?
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