On 01/18/2013 08:23 PM, Rafael Schloming wrote:
I think rearranging the lists is not a substitute for
rearranging the project and actively communicating about its structure.

I quite agree. My suggestion to consolidate discussions to one list is not an attempt to imply anything about structure, but simply a way of improving the flow of information.

I may be in the minority with my -1, but I think there is actually a
lot more work that needs to be done surrounding project structure,
identity, documentation, communication, etc, and simply rearranging
lists without doing the rest of that work is IMHO jumping the gun.

I don't think having a separate mailing list is the right way to ensure the proton toolkit remains distinct and self contained. That is done much more effectively through svn structure, build & release processes and as you very rightly point out, better documentation and communication.

I believe communication will be simpler and more effective with one list. I believe a less fragmented discussion will more quickly lead to question being raised and answered and consensus and common understanding growing.

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