Source posted here:

Java binaries here:

I'd like to call an official vote soon, e.g. tomorrow, so please have a
look and share your results here.

Changes from RC1:

PROTON-199: support python 2.4
PROTON-236 freegetopt compat for proton-c windows builds.
PROTON-243: fixed LIB_SUFFIX magic
PROTON-200: maintain a minimum credit level for each receive link
PROTON-200: make similar changes to Java MessengerImpl
PROTON-200: allow recv(-1) to grant unlimited credit
PROTON-232: described arrays seem to force the descriptor to be of the same
type as the array Fixed bug in code.c pn_data_encode_node: was always using
the parent->type for everything inside an array, including the descriptor.
PROTON-242: Shared library used JNI code has poor name ""
Shared library now has name i.e. follows the naming
conventions of its companion jar.
PROTON-217: cmake build system should include install target for Java


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