Mostly looks good.  One test is failing when run using the Java JNI binding
- see below.


- Download tarball
- cmake, make, make install
  - Observed .so and .jar files installed to correct locations
- Ran ./tests/python/proton-test
- Ran mvn package test and observed all tests passing
- Ran mvn -P proton-jni test
  - *FAILED* test "proton_tests.messenger.MessengerTest.testSendBogus".  I
think this is existing issue PROTON-214 [1].  I don't know if this
represents a serious functional problem but generally we wouldn't want to
release something that fails any tests.
- Created and ran a simple Maven project that depends on proton-api and
proton-j-impl 0.4 in the

- Linux Mint 12, x86_64
- Java: Oracle 1.6.0_29
- cmake version 2.8.5
- SWIG Version 1.3.40
- Python 2.7.2+



On 20 February 2013 20:31, Rafael Schloming <> wrote:

> Source posted here:
>   -
> Java binaries here:
>   -
> I'd like to call an official vote soon, e.g. tomorrow, so please have a
> look and share your results here.
> Changes from RC1:
> PROTON-199: support python 2.4
> PROTON-236 freegetopt compat for proton-c windows builds.
> PROTON-243: fixed LIB_SUFFIX magic
> PROTON-200: maintain a minimum credit level for each receive link
> PROTON-200: make similar changes to Java MessengerImpl
> PROTON-200: allow recv(-1) to grant unlimited credit
> PROTON-232: described arrays seem to force the descriptor to be of the same
> type as the array Fixed bug in code.c pn_data_encode_node: was always using
> the parent->type for everything inside an array, including the descriptor.
> PROTON-242: Shared library used JNI code has poor name ""
> Shared library now has name i.e. follows the naming
> conventions of its companion jar.
> PROTON-217: cmake build system should include install target for Java
> binaries
> --Rafael

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