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> I would like to create a separte git repo for the proton Go binding. 
> Go provides "go get" to grab online go source libraries, based on
> cloning repos. The go tools assume that each go project has its own
> repo. I have tried to make this work directly from the proton repo
> but it is a mess and doesn't work properly.

Is this just because the go code isn't at the top-level?

Can't you just rename your current branch out of the way and then subtree the 
binding and push it to the go1 branch?

e.g., something like...

# rename old full tree branch and push it to a new location
 git checkout -b proton-go origin/go1
 git push origin --set-upstream proton-go
# split out just the go binding and push it
 git subtree split --prefix=proton-c/bindings/go -b go1
 git checkout go1
 git push -f origin go1

`go get` will look for the go1 branch by default, so it should just work (tm) ?

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